Photo: Fabiane Lange a concert organist, church musician, chamber musician, (sometimes carillonneur), and currently a fanatical fan of antique Northern German organs.


Welcome to my website!

Whether it is information about me and my concerts, or photos and recordings of some of the organs I know and love, I hope you'll enjoy the time you spend here.


I'm seen here in front of the beautiful 16th century case of the organ built in 1962 by Ahrend and Brunzema for St. Martini Church in Bremen, Germany. This amazing instrument, where I practiced regularly for many of my years in Germany, has three manuals and 33 stops, mechanical action, and is tuned in Bach Kellner temperament.


Hello readers -Well, it's winter again, my favorite time to update my blog.  Sititng inside in the warm, watching the snow fall, and remembering exciting trips and rewarding musical events... I had a busy 2017, with lots of concerts and travels.  Read all about them under the Musings: Blog page.  This fall I've been working on learning new music for programs coming up, as well as doing more writing and reading.  Also, trying to eat up all the kale left over from our community garden plot and our CSA share.  Kale chips, anyone? 

Coming up this winter/ spring, I have a concert in Lansing, MI for the AGO chapter, a concert in NYC, at Central Synagogue, and am very much looking forward to playing Martin Pasi's new instrument in Kansas City in March for their AGO chapter.  I'll also be doing the second part of the concert I played last spring, as part of Holland MI,'s Tulip Time - organ music of Dutch composers through the ages.   I believe it's billed this year - Organ Music on a High Speed Train (Ad Wammes allusion...).  Tulip Time - it's not just about wooden shoes, and elephant ears any more!   

Check the multimedia page for info on my latest CD, Subtlety and Sparkle and check my Musings:blog page for pictures, zany stories, and all the news from recent trips.