Photo: Fabiane Lange a concert organist, church musician, chamber musician, (sometimes carillonneur), and currently a fanatical fan of antique Northern German organs.


Welcome to my website!

Whether it is information about me and my concerts, or photos and recordings of some of the organs I know and love, I hope you'll enjoy the time you spend here.


I'm seen here in front of the beautiful 16th century case of the organ built in 1962 by Ahrend and Brunzema for St. Martini Church in Bremen, Germany. This amazing instrument, where I practiced regularly for many of my years in Germany, has three manuals and 33 stops, mechanical action, and is tuned in Bach Kellner temperament.


Hello readers - It's almost September, my kids are back in school, and look, I'm even updating my website!  There is lots of exciting news here.  I've been named the new Instructor of Organ at Calvin University in Grand Rapids for this coming year!  I will be traveling to Dallas, Texas for the first time, to perform for the Dallas AGO in May. 

I am putting together a series of concerts in multiple cities with other musicians - Music of Japan for Organ, Marimba, and Percussion.  This is going to be full of fascinating sounds (and LOUD), and we are especially excited about a new piece Carson Cooman is composing for this event, funded by an AGO grant. 

I'm also looking forward to other concerts out of town, learning new music, riding my bike in the beautiful fall weather, reading books, eating fresh Michigan tomatoes, peaches, and apples, and a new interest, writing poetry.  Because if you're a musician, why not start something new that pays really well?