Rhonda Edgington is a fun, smart, bright young light on the organ horizon.  How lucky for us to have an American with her extensive North German experience.  She really knows how to handle mechanical action to maximize expression.

— Christa Rakich, Music Director, St. Mark the Evangelist Church, West Hartford, CT; Recording Artist

Rhonda Edgington’s recital for the Region III AGO Convention in Harrisburg, PA was on the Taylor and Boody opus 12 at Holy Trinity Lutheran in York Springs.  In an unusual program for an AGO regional, the 13 stop tracker organ and the pure Baroque repertoire excited the audience with adventurous, powerful playing and winsome musicality.

— John Boody, Organ builder, Taylor and Boody Organbuilders, Staunton, VA

Rhonda has an enormous passion for (and understanding of) the music which she plays, and the instruments on which she does it.  Her versatility and her adaptability have impressed me greatly; she has an enormous capacity for handling instruments of different types with little preparation, and reveals even under such adverse circumstances virtuosity and musicianship of the highest order.  For this reason, I have invited her to appear in both recital series in my care, on two very different organs

— Barry Jordan, Cathedral Organist, Magdeburg, Germany

On Rhonda’s collaboration with Hammond B3 player Tony Monaco:

“You don’t want to miss Rhonda and Tony. Not only are they spectacular musicians individually, but together they make up a dynamic duo that is unstoppable! I programmed these incredible musicians several years ago and they left the audience spellbound with their virtuosity, sensitivity, and communicative prowess. They will take you on a wonderful musical journey that you don’t want to miss.”

Brian Coyle
Executive Director, Civic Music Association, Des Moines, Iowa; Founder, Director, and Former Professor of the Jazz Studies Program, Hope College

Rhonda played a total of sixteen times in the series “Orgelpunkt”, where she presented a wide spectrum of repertoire, with music ranging from the early Baroque period to modern music.

Playing early music, she displayed a well-grounded understanding of style and historical performance practice.  In the area of new music, she presented a successful selection of pieces both virtuosic and with audience appeal.  All of her interpretations are characterized by technical aplomb and an electrifying musical expression.

— Hilger Kespohl, Organist at St. Pankratius Church, Hamburg-Neuenfelde, Germany ; Musical director of the series “Orgelpunkt Bremen”, Germany

I once saw a book title that immediately brought Rhonda to mind.  The title was, “Something Wonderful, Right Away”… Rhonda’s playing shows the deep power of her musicianship, her imagination, and her training.   There is creativity and personality in Rhonda’s playing, but also a humility that allows the music itself to speak and inspire.  Rhonda looks for the truth in music and explores it’s expressive potential as well as anyone with whom I’ve worked.

— Gary Rand – Pastor of Worship and the Arts, LaSalle Street Church, Chicago, IL

About Rhonda’s recital on Taylor and Boody Opus 64, playing the recital “Something Old, Something New”:

Thanks for a delightful and very well played recital last night!  I have gotten a lot of great feedback, especially about your choice of repertoire.  People really enjoyed it!

— Crystal Jonkerman, Director of Liturgical Music and Organist, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church; Richmond, VA

Subject line: WOW!

Dear Ms. Edgington,

While drawing I put the CD you sent in the player. It is exceedingly rare to hear performances of such sensitivity and skill! … Such beautiful releases and runs are seldom heard. I very much look forward to meeting you some day.

— Ralph Richards; Richards, Fowkes, and Co. Organbuilders, Ooltewah, TN

Edgington is a pro who played a nicely chosen program with panache and energy. She connected nicely with the audience, who enjoyed it all so much that we asked her back for another recital the following year. Same skill, same delight.

— Ernie Drown, Director of Music and Organist, Church of Christ at Dartmouth College

Rhonda was dynamite.

— Donald Fellows, Organist and Director of Music, St. Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA

Rhonda Sider Edgington is an organist of great range and talent. In recital on our twenty-stop mechanical action organ, accurate and idiomatic interpretation of music from Lubeck to Messiaen was played to great excitement. Additional versatility included rarely heard selections from CPE Bach to contemporary composers including the inaugural performance of a commissioned suite of variations on “A Mighty Fortress.” Her performance was very memorable for the kaleidoscopic sounds and sensitive interpretations enjoyed by all. She is a performer to be highly recommended.

— Ronald Wahl, Wahl Organbuilders, Appleton, WI

Greetings Rhonda,
Thank you for agreeing to perform in ORGANIX 14. Based on your performance I would say you had a lot of fun. The Casavant, Opus 3095 (1970) is one of the finest tracker instruments in Toronto and you managed it quite ably. Not everyone can get the colours and the sound that you were able to achieve and was displayed so imaginatively in your exciting program. As you were playing, I was also watching the body language and faces of the audience. I could tell that they were enraptured and thoroughly enjoying the evening. Afterwards, my suspicions were proved to be right. As they walked past me, they thanked me for inviting you. This is proof of their enjoyment. Many mentioned how different and exciting your program was. As you are now an ORGANIX alumnus, you are in company with some of the world’s finest organists and have contributed in creating another great event in the history of ORGANIX. Thank you and congratulations!

— Gordon D. Mansell, President, Artistic Director ORGANIX CONCERTS INC.

On Rhonda’s presentation to the local AGO “What I Learned in Germany”:

The presentation itself was quite good and the fact that Rhonda spoke of her own growth and experience on a Fulbright grant, in addition to the N. German organ art, was a plus. The audience seemed to have enjoyed the event, having learned cultural, technical and anecdotal information from Rhonda. She has a bubbly personality that is a pleasure to encounter.

— Ryan Enright, Sub-dean, Sacramento, CA AGO chapter