Beaufort, South Carolina. March 28-31

My host, the organist at St. Helena, Pat Gould, was gracious (as Southerners seem to know how to do so well!), as she drove me around, pulled stops for me, cooked me delicious dinners, and put me up in her lovely house. The organ was a breath of fresh air – sensitive and beautiful.

img 6119

The church space was Episcopalian through and through – elegant, understated, reverent – and old! – they had gravestones in the cemetery for soldiers from the Revolutionary War!

img 6093

I loved the town of Beaufort – gigantic old oak trees, covered with Spanish Moss hanging down to the ground, beautiful old Southern houses, with those columns off of their front porches, large swings looking out to the Beaufort River in their downtown parks, and all over town these signs “This view preserved by city of Beaufort”. I love a town that makes sure everyone can enjoy the views.

img 6110

And Pat bought me ice cream after the concert – what more could one ask for?