This CD was recorded mid-pandemic in early 2021 in Zeeland, Michigan, on an instrument rebuilt in 2018 by the Reuter Organ Company, at Second Reformed Church.  Brian and Rhonda have been playing together (on and off, as life allowed) for the last two decades, and they bring their years of collaboration to this CD of music for Trumpet and Organ, with selections chosen from 21st century composers.

None of these pieces has been previously recorded, and the disc includes a variety of repertoire – from settings of traditional hymns to free works, from well-established composers to less-known names.  There are pieces by a number of American composers, as well as the Dutch Ad Wammes, and the Estonians Ester Magi and Renee Espere.  The three movement-work BLM was composed especially for this CD, and is a tribute to the richness of our black musical heritage, from jazz to spirituals.  

Great Lakes Duo Front 
 Great Lakes Duo Back

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